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Did you know that up to 35% of Amazon's sales
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When a customer selects a product of interest
they are presented with similar or
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buy as well.

So how do you upsell like Amazon?

With Pete Bruckshaw's new push button simple


Azon Upsell Ninja allows you to select items
for your own Amazon affiliate website and
upsell your customers - before Amazon gets to

With Azon Upsell Ninja, a search from your
site returns all the relevant products on
Amazon that you can upsell your customers with
after they select a product to buy from you.

Watch the demo video here:


And there's more...

If your customer fills their Amazon cart with
products from your site and decides to buy a
few days after - that means lost commissions
for you.

Because Amazon cookies your customers for just
ONE day. But with Azon Upsell Ninja they're
cookied for 90 DAYS - making sure that you
don't lose a sale.

Are you ready to unleash the Ninja?

Because if you don't sell YOUR customers more
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Why leave money on the table?

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